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Modest Earth Beauty Detox Tea | Glowing Skin, Liver Cleansing & Detoxifying Aid, 20+ Cups (2.97 OZ)

Get more antioxidants, flavor and aroma from your tea without the harmful by-products of tea bags.Until recently, tea bags have...
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Get more antioxidants, flavor and aroma from your tea without the harmful by-products of tea bags.

Until recently, tea bags have been the most popular way of consuming tea. The initial appeal was simple—they’re convenient. Just pop them in boiling water and you’re good to go.

But convenience has its price. Tea bags, besides having less powerful flavors and actual tea leaves, are often treated with chemicals to make the bags stronger. Even newer “silky” tea bags are problematic—some leach harmful materials when placed in boiling water.

Enjoy all the benefits of tea sans harmful additives with Modest Earth Beauty Detox Herbal Root Tea.

This blend uses burdock and dandelion root, ingredients which traditional medicine has used for centuries to support liver and kidney functions. The roots help detoxify the body by clearing impurities from the blood and reducing blood sugar.

We’re all familiar with nettles, but did you know that these plants are actually superfoods full of vitamins and minerals? Over 100 have been identified in nettles, including iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and beta-carotene. By utilizing this backyard staple, each serving of our tea is guaranteed brimming with nutrients.

Our tea blend not only packs a wallop of vitamins and minerals, it also helps your digestive system. Dandelion contains inulin, a probiotic that promotes wellness and improves metabolism by giving the healthy bacteria in your stomach something to nosh.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few more benefits that come with each pack of our loose leaf tea:

🍵 Over 20 servings
🍵 Comes in resealable, recyclable and BPA-free bags
🍵 Flavorful tea steeped in as quick as 5 minutes!

Healthier, radiant, more flawless skin in a cup. Add a pack of Modest Earth Beauty Detox Herbal Root Tea to your cart TODAY!

  • 🍵 HELPS FLUSH OUT TOXINS - Our tea blend contains fresh roots that have been used for centuries for their anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties, such as burdrock, calendula and dandelion.
  • 🍵 PROMOTES CLEARER SKIN - This blend uses organic licorice roots which contain antioxidants that help restore skin from sun damage and prevent acne breakouts by regulating oil production.
  • 🍵 MORE LEAF, LESS DUST - Most tea bags are filled with fanning, which are essentially just tea dust left over from sorting big tea leaves. Loose tea, on the other hand, uses whole tea leaves.
  • 🍵 BETTER QUALITY ACROSS THE BOARD - While fanning give drinks a darker color, whole leaves pack more flavor and aroma. Loose leaf tea brings full, stronger taste for less the price of tea bags.
  • 🍵 SAFE & NATURAL BLEND - Made from 100% USDA organic ingredients with each component and plant grown and processed without synthetic agents like chemical fertilizers, pesticides or solvent.