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Emergency Release Herbal Laxative Senna Detox Tea | Digestion, Constipation, IBS & Bloating Relief

Poor bowel diseases are common—1 in 5 suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome sometime in their lives.Constipation is one of the...
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Poor bowel diseases are common—1 in 5 suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome sometime in their lives.

Constipation is one of the most common bowel disorders in the US. Over 4 million Americans complain of frequently experiencing difficult bowel movement. Some 2 to 3 million are prescribed laxatives every year. Nearly 100,000 cases lead to hospitalization.

There are many reasons behind the startling number of people with poor digestive health. Experts place the blame chiefly on low-fiber diets, not drinking enough fluids, and lack of exercise. Stress is also a contributing factor.

Get things moving through naturally with Modest Earth Emergency Release Herbal Laxative Tea.

Our tea utilizes one of the most powerful laxatives from the herbal world—senna. Practitioners of traditional medicine and herbalists have been using this plant to treat constipation since the 9th century. That’s thousands of years of gastrointestinal relief, which we’ve bundled into a neat, resealable bag for you.

We’ve also set our sights on prevention by including psyllium and fennel seeds. These make bowel movements easier to pass by introducing much needed fiber in our diets. Psyllium increases water in the stool, acting as a softener. Fennel seeds help further by relaxing muscles in the stomach.

Besides constipation, our tea blend can help with weight loss. Yellow dock is a well known cholagogue, which are substances that promote effective metabolism and digestion by inducing the production of bile and other digestive enzymes.

Here are a few more benefits that come with each pack of our loose leaf tea:
🍵 Over 32 servings
🍵 Biodegradable and BPA-free teabags
🍵 Flavorful tea in as quick as 8 minutes!

Start simmering our tea, stop straining in the bathroom. Add a bag of Modest Earth Emergency Release Herbal Laxative Tea TODAY!

  • EFFECTIVE CONSTIPATION AID - Our tea blend contains senna, one of the few non-prescription plant-based laxatives recognized by the FDA. This herb is powerful—use only occasionally.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY TUMMY - This tea contains a bountiful mix of plants and seeds that have been proven to aid digestion, such as cascara sagrada roots, psyllium, fennel, licorice root and yellow dock.
  • QUICK WASTE DETOX - The combination of senna and cascara sagrada means you won’t have to wait long for comfort. Drink a cup at night and wake up to welcome relief in the morning.
  • MORE LEAF, LESS DUST - Most tea bags are filled with fanning, which are just tea dust left over from sorting tea leaves. Loose leaf teas use whole leaves for a full, stronger flavor and aroma.
  • SAFE & NATURAL BLEND - Made from USDA organic or wild ingredients. Does contain licorice root, which can be an acquired taste but it does wonders for toxin elimination.