Modest Earth Kid's Cold Ease Tea | 100% ORGANIC | Children’s Cough & Chest Congestion Relief Aid | NATURAL COLD SYMPTOMS | Baby, Toddler, Child SAFE | LEMON-GINGER Blend | 32+ SERVINGS (3.8 OZ)

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Is cough syrup making your little one gag?When kids catch a cold or flu, it can be very upsetting for parents. Seeing your child ill and unable to breathe easily is not something a parent could ignore. That is why moms and dads immediately bring them to the doctor’s clinic and buy the medicine prescribed to supposedly make them feel better. Alas, most commercial drugs are so difficult to administer, especially to smaller children. You can barely get them to open their mouths for a spoonful of syrup. Fortunately, there is a more natural alternative made especially tasty and effective for babies, toddlers and children.Help your child get rid of the sniffles with Modest Earth Kid’s Cold Ease Tea!Relief is just a teacup away! Our Kid’s Cold Ease tea is specially blended to relieve the symptoms caused by colds and flu. It clears the airways, removes mucus build-up, and reduces congestion. All that without making them gag. This tea blend has a lemony flavor that kids will love. Add a bit of honey or any other natural sweetener as desired. Three cups a day should help symptoms go away. The dried herbs we use are at their purest form. Unlike ground herbs in teabags, these are more potent and flavorful.Still in doubt? Here are more reasons why Kid’s Cold Ease is perfect for your little one:🧒 It is super safe and gentle, with herbs that help relax your baby and relieve any tummy upsets 🧒 All ingredients are USDA-certified to be free from any trace of chemicals, preservatives and pesticides 🧒 One pack can produce over 32 cups of refreshing teaGet your child back to their active old self with the help of Modest Earth Kid’s Cold Ease Tea! Click the “Add to Cart” button TODAY!

  • ORGANIC ALTERNATIVE: Give your kids 100% organic cough and cold remedy made with a blend of natural herbs, such as Rose Hips, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Elderflowers, Ginger and Catnip.
  • 🧒 RELIEVES COUGH & COLD SYMPTOMS - This blend is carefully chosen to effectively reduce and ultimately eliminate symptoms associated with colds, like whooping cough, chest congestion and runny nose.
  • SAFE & TASTY - When medicine tastes bad, it can be a challenge to administer to kids. Our organic tea has a yummy lemon-ginger flavor that your little children will surely love and enjoy.
  • 🧒 HELPS RELAX NERVES - Just like most tea blends we offer, Kid's Cold Ease provides a relaxing effect, thanks to the Lemon Balm herb. We also added Fennel to help relieve your little one’s tummy aches.
  • GREAT FOR BABIES, TOO - Our tea is so safe and gentle that even babies can drink it when they have cough and colds. Just make sure not to add honey when giving it to babies below a year old.