Modest Earth Let's Dance Tea | 100% ORGANIC Natural Aphrodisiac Herbal Remedy | DAMIANA Couple’s Love Drink | ROMANTIC Date Night, Anniversary, Birthday Gift for Him/Her | 48+ SERVINGS (2.46 OZ)

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A special blend of organic herbs designed to excite the senses, heat up the mood and warm you up all over. Sip together and get ready to tango all night long. No dancing shoes necessary, Arrrriba Amigos!

  • 100% ORGANIC: Every ingredient is USDA certified organic, which means more antioxidants without the pesticides and chemicals.
  • TRADITIONAL APHRODISIAC: Damiana has been used for centuries as a known aphrodisiac
  • WARMS UP SENSES: Make a pot, sip together and feel your heat rising. Create a new tradition for anniversaries or special occasions. Truly a night to remember!
  • LOOSE LEAF = SUPERIOR QUALITY: Tea bags contain only tiny bits of benefits that whole leaves and roots have to offer. Modest Earth teas contain the entirety of the nutrient-rich leaves and roots in original form.
  • 48+ SERVINGS: Enjoy more than three times the servings than the other bagged sleep tea brands. SAVE your money, order today for prime shipping!