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Mighty Milk Mama Tea – Lactation & Breastmilk Booster - Fenugreek/Goat Rue Organic Loose Leaf Blend

Newborn babies need an average of 750 to 800ml of milk everyday.And that’s only in the first few weeks of...
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Newborn babies need an average of 750 to 800ml of milk everyday.And that’s only in the first few weeks of life. Infants usually double in size the first 6 months after birth. It’s not unusual for them to end up drinking a liter a day to keep up with the fastest growth spurt of their lives! Many women who just gave birth worry about not producing enough milk, especially during days when supply seems slow. Drops in milk supply can occur due to hormone changes from ovulation or menstruation. Moms can also just be stressed, dehydrated, or not getting enough calories—all of which can affect milk output.Get mother nature’s help on days when milk seems scarce with Modest Earth Mighty Milk Mama Tea.We’ve used two of nature’s most potent milk producing herbs: fenugreek and goat’s rue. Both are well-known galactagogues that have been found to increase milk supply as early as 24 to 72 hours after consumption. Goat’s rue further supports healthy breastfeeding by stimulating growth of breast tissue. Maternity can be overwhelming. Our tea blend helps new moms stay calm amidst the stress with chamomile and peppermint. Both help melt away stress and help keep milk flowing throughout the nursing period. Our tea not only helps mama nurture baby. This special formula gives mom the energy and nutrition to feed two people! The blend includes alfalfa leaves, which help lower cholesterol, contain high levels of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous and iron. We’ve also included fennel to make sure Mom digests all these nutrients efficiently!Not convinced yet? Here are more benefits that come with each pack of our loose tea:🍵 Over 32 servings 🍵 Biodegradable and BPA-free teabags 🍵 Flavorful tea in as fast as 8 minutes!Keep your flow strong and baby full and fed. Add a bag of Modest Earth Mighty Milk Mama Tea to your cart TODAY!

  • 🍵 INCREASE MILK PRODUCTION FOR BABY - Our tea blend contains fenugreek and goat’s rue, two popular herbs commonly paired together to stimulate breastmilk production in nursing moms.
  • 🍵 RELAXES MOMMY - Taking care of a little one is no easy feat! That’s why we’ve mixed the herbal heavyweights of stress and anxiety relief—chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm—into our blend.
  • 🍵 MORE LEAF, LESS DUST - Most tea bags are filled with fanning, which are just tea dust left over from sorting tea leaves. Loose leaf teas use whole leaves for a full, stronger flavor and aroma.
  • 🍵 SAFE & NATURAL BLEND - Made from 100% USDA organic ingredients, with each component and plant grown and processed without any chemicals. Loose leaf is superior over tea bags as much of the quality is preserved.
  • 🍵 PERFECT GIFT FOR MOMS - Give the gift of health and relaxation to your pregnant and mom friends. It’s a sweet and thoughtful gift for baby showers and after-birth care essentials packages!