Modest Earth Strong Stress Tea | 100% ORGANIC Calming, HERBAL STRESS RELIEF | Natural Depression, ANXIETY & Cortisol Manager | SKULLCAP BLEND | Relaxing Remedy & Sleep Aid | 48+ SERVING Bag (2.03 OZ)

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  • 100% ORGANIC: Every ingredient is USDA certified organic, which means more antioxidants without any pesticides or chemicals.
  • ANXIETY, STRESS & DEPRESSION AID: Enjoy relaxing cups of relief during bouts of depression and anxiety. Helps to relax your mind, body and spirit in times you really need this extra support.
  • POTENT, EFFECTIVE HERBS: Chamomile is beneficial for both depression and anxiety. Skullcap helps ease body tension and lifts depression. Passionflower is traditionally used to counter feelings of anxiety and overwhelming emotions. Skullcap aids in positive thinking and inflammation reduction. Oatstraw contains B vitamins and helps soothe and nourish entire nervous system. Lemon Verbena is prescribed for chronic stress; helps to ease the mind and calm the body.
  • LOOSE LEAF = SUPERIOR QUALITY: Tea bags contain only tiny bits of benefits that whole leaves and roots have to offer. Modest Earth teas contain the entirety of the nutrient-rich leaves and roots in original form.
  • 48+ SERVINGS: Enjoy more than three times the servings of bagged tea brands. SAVE your money and order today for prime shipping!